Season 1Edit

Nevada.0 (season 1)

  • K.G. Tanner and Kunal Thayyar are absent for one episode
  • Ali Inglewood is absent for three episodes
  • Jimmy Fellon is absent for 7 episodes
  • Richard Buckard is absent for 10 episodes
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. No. U.S. viewers


1 1 "Dead at the Meadow" Marilyn Heathrow Clark Mazoweski August 23, 2005(U.S, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and New Zealand)
August 30, 2005 (Jamiaica, South Africa, China, South Korea, the Middle East and Mexico)
September 14, 2005(everywhere else)
101 12.76

A dead body in the middle of the desert leads to a casino worker at the Luxor Casino. The duo learns it is a widow who kill her husband and collected the insurance money. What will they do?

  • First Appearence: K.G. Tanner as Anthony Hamilton, Kunal Thayyar as Jericho Merida, Ali Inglewood as Nancy Rosewood, Jimmy Fellon as Quinn Thomson, Richard Buckard as Hector Kayb
2 2 "Without a Paddle" Tank Huston William Clayton August 30, 2005 102 14.23

A man wanted in 16 other states takes the President hostage and demands no jail time or he'll kill the president. It up to the duo to save the president.

  • Absent: Richard Buckard
3-4 3-4 "Prison Riot" Richard Elmest Dorthea Elkheart September 6, 2005 103 12.95
Hundred of prisoners from California hideout in Las Vegas. They rob a casino of $12.65M and try to escape while holding it hostage. Anthony and Jericho must save the hostages and stop the thieves.
5 5 "Disaster in the Sky" Marilyn Heathrow Marilyn Heathrow September 13, 2005 105 10.05
A right-winged terrorist group send a plane into Nevada's largest casino - the MGM Grand Las Vegas. The duo tracks them into L.A. trying to escape to escape the country.
6 6 "All About "Me" Day" Dorthea Elkheart Clark Mazoweski September 20, 2005 107 8.97
On their day off, Anthony is shot by a wealthy bu wealthy business owner who ho tried to keep his mouth shut about him secretly robbing the casino. As he try to solve this case, he's taken to the back room by the business owner men and is tied to a pipe. He manages to snape it open but then his men try to stop him. His cellphone is then stomp to pieces
7 7 "Las Vegas:After Hours Part I" Israel Aswad-Yaffo Jennifer Leeward September 27, 2005 108 12.97
Las Vegas suffers its blackout in history and people start to break into stores, ripped open slot machines, and take merchandise. Anthony, Jericho, and the rest of the FBI must restore order restored in Las Vegas.
8 8 "Las Vegas:After Hours Part II" Israel Aswad-Yaffo Jennifer Leeward October 11, 2005 110 13.43
As the electric company desperate try to bring back the power, more and more riots break out and people are killed. organized gang form and $800M worth of merchandise is stolen. They call for backup from the SWAT and the military.
9 9 "Area 51" Israel Aswad-Yaffo Jennifer Leeward October 25, 2005 111 9.10
A breach in Area 51's security leads to a madman to take an important weapon of their arsenal - a targetted missle. As Anthony is out sick, Jericho is to save th day
10 10 "Heatwave" Junior Mathias Robert Techrow November 1, 2005 114 8.765
A massive heatwave hits the state of Nevada, which makes crime stopping a whole lot harder when a bank is robbed by a thief with a cooling device
11 11 "Obsession" Richard Elmest Marilyn Heathrow November 15, 2005 113 12.876

Jericho is obseesed with a secret file from the pentagon thats not for them to read.

  • Absent: Ali Inglewood
12 12 Hal Craig November 29, 2005 117 11.65
13 13 Amelia Vanensk Clark Mazoweski December 5, 2005 121 13.77
14 14 "Christmas at the Office" Tank Huston Jeniffer Leward December 26, 2005 126 12.56

  • This is part of "Christmas Sunday" on CBS
15 15 Junior Mathias January 2, 2006 129 9.65
16 16 Hal Craig January 23, 2005 132 7.94
17 17 Nick Howards February 6, 2005 133 10.43
18 18 Hal Craig March 6, 2005(U.S., Canada, Japan, Brazil, France, Russia and South Africa)
March 13, 2005(everywhere else)
19 19 Junior Mathias March 27, 2005
20 20 Nick Howards April 2005
21 21 Richard Elmest April 2005
22 22 Richard Elmest May 2005
23 23 Richard Elmest & Amela Vanensk May 2005