Episode No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date N.Z. viewers
Worldwide viewers
1 "Pilot" Will Erron Yuri Hull August 24, 2012 3.84 12.67

The gang cause major problem in town today after setting fire th the fair. They end up beibg sentence two weeks in jail. While there, Brad is sexually raped, Elle beats up a tough guy, Mark goes insane, and Alex gambles. Carri devises a wayout but will it succed?

2 "Grand Slate Auto" Will Erron Yuri Hull & Ben Hamilton September 21, 2012 1.84 9.62

Brad gets involved in street racing and wins every race. When he losses to a real street racer, he is thretened with death until he's given NZ$1,400. How will they pull it off?

3 "Flight Lost" Part I Jillan Foster Eli Queensland-Rhodes October 5, 2012 2.84 8.12

A simple flight to Hawaii goes horribly wrong whenthey crash on a volcanic deserted island. It gets worse when the volcano erupts. Will they survive?

4 Flight Lost Part II Jilian Foster June Fielder October 12, 2012 1.87 7.54
The volcano erupt and thgang and the rest of the survivors run into the ocean only to get swept up by a giant wave. They're saved a passing cruise ship.