These Are a set of rules you must follow on FictionVision.

  • 1.No Copyrighting
  • You cant copy a show, film, character, producer, production company, creators, channel, actors, or other TV people that exist, That's plagiarism.
  • It has to be your own idea
  • 2. No Engaging Other peoples pages
  • It not yours ad they wouldn't want you to touch it unless they say so.
  • They probably will want to edit your page.
  • 3. Common Sense
  • Be Careful what you write because what you put is what the other users will see
  • If you wouldn't say i in person don't put online
  • 4. It cannot be a real TV show or use a real TV Show name
  • That's plagerism
  • If you do, it will be deleted

More Rules will be established